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Be the CEO
of your life

5-week online crash course to excel your productivity and overcome procrastination 🚀

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😐 Is procrastination your first name? 

😐 And is anxiety the second?

😐 Do you live in constant chaos?

😐 Got no motivation to get up from bed? 

😐 Lacking support from people around you?

Common problems. 🤓

We have some uncommon solutions for you. 😎

Stop what you are doing and read on👇

Receive tools to

  • get out of procrastination

  • validate new habits

  • structure your plans

  • make daily decisions easier

  • achieve what you aim for

Get Support

5-week online course with meetings, planning tools adapted to your needs and structured guidance from course creators.

BE PART OF Community

Join a group of 10 individuals who share a similar struggle with procrastination, and collectively work towards achieving greater productivity.

TAKE Action

Action will be the most important result of this journey.


You don't need more time.

You need more focus. 

Less thinking, more doing. 

Let's make things happen!


  1. Once you've signed up, we'll carefully select 10 individuals to join this adventure free of charge.

  2. As a participant, you'll receive an information pack loaded with all the essential tools and templates to create a practical and effective anti-procrastination plan.

  3. Every week, we'll come together online to dive into these tools, learn from each other, and share our progress.

  4. Our course aims to provide a personalised approach to help you conquer procrastination. To achieve this, we'll kick things off by getting to know you better through personality tests and engaging Q&A sessions.


Major online meetings will take place 

weekly on Tuesdays (GMT+3):

20 June 16:00-17:00

27 June 16:00-17:00

4 July 16:00-17:00

11 July 16:00-17:00

18 July 16:00-17:00

Additional group mentorship sessions will be organised once the group is formed and will take no more than additional 1 hour every week. 


Apart from the meetings schedule, be prepared to allocate up to 4 hours every week to work on your personal anti-procrastination plan.


Also be ready to share the feedback with us about the process, methods and the overall experience to further help thousands more procrastinators worldwide.


After this course we are on a mission to craft an automated solution for overcoming procrastination!


Our story

Hi, we are dovilė and monika

When we, two unacquainted individuals with a past background in project and team management, sat down for a cup of coffee, we had no idea things would take such a turn.


Fast forward a few months we are on a mission as a team. Our vision is to eliminate procrastination from people's lives by creating an automated tool that will teach them how to become project managers of their own lives, using the methods and support mechanisms adapted for each user.


This 5-week course is a prototype of our solution, and while we work hard to receive the investment for our idea to come true, your participation in this journey is crucial learning material for us. If you fancy joining our quest to procrastinate less and helping to make our solution more awesome, we'd be absolutely delighted to have you on board!

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